Add value to your customers, seeking to meet their individual needs. For this we rely on innovation, creativity and commitment of our employees.

With the vision of becoming one of the largest companies in the sector, we are trying to eliminate is clean, surprising and overcoming all challenges with ambition and confidence.

In the difficult times that we are experiencing, welcomes us record that the CPMENERGY is in a sound financial situation and a technical ability that let you be the level of the largest companies to act in the national market in engineering for the energy sector.

In the international market the CPMenergy mapped out a strategy that is to be implemented, starting to have some expression, and representing this area, in order backlog for 2013, approximately 15% of the turnover of the company.

This evolution has to support the quality of technical body CPMenergy, valuing their professionals with training and doing the acquisition and deployment of more modern methods of production.

To underline the commitment of the company to implement in the areas of quality, environment and safety, where you want to obtain, in a short space of time, the integrated certifications for the entire production process.

Being sure that the implementation of these policies and the dedication of all those who work in the company, will ensure the growth and sustained development of the CPMenergy in the coming years.